It’s kind of gray and cold outside and still not feeling so great, so I thought it would be a fun time to go through a couple of tins that I had picked up at an estate sale.  They are both filled with buttons along with a handful of other notions. It’s cool to see the difference in design and quality.



Beautiful buttons along with great instructions.


Do and Do Not!


Love the uniform button set! Look at how they were fastened to the card.


Oh and every home had one these.


A metal Sucrets box filled with buttons waiting to be sewn back on.


Some of these buttons actually feel like they were made from ivory.









Two buttons for a dime! And displayed on such a pretty card.


La Mode from Italy, a couple of garter belt clasps and B-G-E Originales buttons. They are so pretty. The back of the card wears the price tag from Boston Store.


8 cents each.


That was fun! Well worth the two bucks.




































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Raising Worms ~ Vermicomposting

There have been several times that I have thought about giving vermicomposting a go and just never took the time to make it happen. So…  I’m so excited to tell you that we finally have a worm farm!  This is so amazing! We started with two beds and just recently added our third.

The beauty of  this is that we feed them all of our kitchen scraps. From lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, coffee grounds, egg shells, everything except for citris and onions. It’s like an indoor compost. Something to think about for winter composting. We keep them in the basement which is great since it’s dark and cool. Perfect!

The reason we are doing this is that worm castings are the most incredible, natural fertilizer. Worm poop… worm manure?  I can’t believe how much the worms eat and how beautiful the castings are. It is very expensive if you want to go and buy worm castings. So why not make your own worm farm and put less garbage in our landfills? Makes sense, right?

After our first six weeks of feeding it was time to harvest our first castings which filled three flats… I have some pictures to share!

Steve is taking all of the worms out so that we can put the castings through a screen. After the castings have gone through the screen we have a flat of black gold!

I packaged all of the castings and now it’s time to make some worm tea.

I filled a five gallon bucket with water that I let sit for 24 hours so we would have water without chlorine. I than placed about 5 cups of castings into a cheese cloth and clamped it onto the side of the bucket. Added two tablespoons of unsulphured black molasses which feeds the micro-organisms, placed tubes from a fish tank air pump and let it steep for 48 hours. You now have some of the best fertilizer you could ever hope to have in your garden. I watered my plants with the first batch on Sunday and when I went out to the garden on Monday I could tell a difference. You might think that’s crazy but trust me, my plants were smiling!


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Beautiful fall Day!


Beautiful morning with Steve, Emily and Amelia at villa Terrace.


Amelia meets a new friend.

Amelia meets a new friend.


Love at first sight!

Michael White meets the second generation Zak. Amelia!

Michael White meets the second generation Zak. Amelia!

The king of Bradford Beach!!

The king of Bradford Beach!!

Nice walk on the beach with two of many  of my favorite woman.

Nice walk on the beach with two of many of my favorite woman.

Love this piece! It would look great in my garden. Now... how to get it there.

Love this piece! It would look great in my garden. Now… how to get it there.


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Happy Birthday Anna and Emily!

Happy Birthday Anna and Emily!

Two beautiful young ladies.


Happy 18th Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday!

This has to be the largest sundae we have ever had on our table.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful girls! Many blessings!

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Sister time!

Eddy and the Pinkster!

Nana and Ted!

Oh Ted!

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Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo!! No Margaritas!?  Just straight tequila! LOL! We had some leftover scungilli salad so in celebration of Cinco De Mayo we added some avocados, jalapeno pepper and a little lime. Marinated shrimp and sauteed in olive oil with fresh garlic. Another wonderful dinner.

There are so many things that you could do with this dish. Before serving we added some fresh pico de gallo. We didn’t even miss the chips. We hope you all had a fun fiesta!

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Scungilli Salad

Scungilli is one of our favorites. We typically cook the scungilli with fresh garlic, butter and at least a pound of fresh mushrooms. Putting all ingredients into pot and reducing liquid from scungilli. This dish is wonderful over a thin pasta. We also like a little Alfredo sauce, cherry tomatoes and crushed red peppers. Of course a nice garlic bread is always good.  Well… this day of all the carbs has come to an end in our kitchen. With Steve being on the Weight Watcher’s diet we’ve had to come up with some new ideas for our favorites. It has actually been a lot of fun and the meals are awesome. I’m also so happy to say Steve has lost 15 pounds! So we took that scungilli drained all the liquid added celery, onion, black olives, fresh squeezed lemon juice, garlic cloves, olive oil, cilantro and a little salt and pepper.

Wow! This is one beautiful salad filled with fresh, bright flavors. We both enjoyed this dish so much. For the most part it was free. Very low points and totally satisfying. We will definitly make this again.

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Beautiful Spring Day With Enough Chill In The Air For A Bowl Of Chili

This is such a wonderful time of year with everything coming to life.

Spectacular Flowering Crab tree…

…so beautiful!

A rainbow of tulips. Have you ever smelled a tulip? Some have an incredible sweet fragrance.

A glorious bouquet of daffodils, one of our first colorful signs of spring!

Sweet scent of lilacs fills the air. How I look forward to this each year!

Creeping Phlox

A burst of beauty.

I love the way this ground cover is making it’s way up the trunk of this tree.

Sunshine on our walk this morning.

Stephen enjoying the beautiful morning. As you can see we are still in winter jackets. We are just so thankful for the sunshine. The cool temps makes a bowl of chili… oh so good.

Vegetarian chili with avocado and cheese. Now all we need is a fire!

Happy Spring!

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Good Times In Milwaukee With Hannah

Hannah arrived on the evening of April 2nd. Our first stop was… but of course, Ee-Sane for dinner!

Curried Squash…

Volano Tofu…

Basil Noodles (the best we have had!)…

Vegetable Stir Fry…

and Fresh Spring Rolls with lots of excellent peanut sauce!

As usual, everything was amazing!

We also did the tour at Sprecher Brewery. It is always a good time!

Hannah is officially legal. She traded in her soda cup for a glass of beer. (love the extended pinkie!   Soooo posh!)

I think she likes it!



Emily and Hannah enjoying the moment.

My beautiful family.

This is some of the best beer and soda you could hope to find.

Thanks Sprecher! Our time was enjoyed by all!

Our next adventure was at the Public Market. This is another one of our favorite places. They offer an incredible selection of cheese, wine, seafood and more. There are several different food venders,  and something for everyone.

We also have some pretty special friends that work there. Chris worked with Hannah and me at Penzey’s. He now is employed at Thief Wine. I promise he will serve you the perfect glass of wine.

So happy Jim and Carol were able to join us.

Little love birds!

Coffee and a sweet with the Coffaro girls. Always a pleasure.

Steve said how beautiful it was to have a morning with all his girls. Very special.

My two beauties!

Early morning walk to Beach Road.


Staying home with some (very heavy) NY style pizza… delivered!

You better be really hungry when this one arrives. So good!

Pizza and some games makes for a perfect night.

Delia waiting for something to fall so she can eat.

Milo catching up on his rest.

Good times at Comet Cafe.

Great food…

French toast with fruit…

Comet cafe makes some great french toast.

Emily = pie…  This peach raspberry pie was incredible!

As you can see, we had a very nice time together. Thanks for visiting Hannah!

Hope you come again soon! XO

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Juicing… a Wonderful Breakfast with an Easter Memory

As I was putting all of these vegetables and fruit through the juicer,

enjoying all of the beautiful colors, flavors and memories,

fresh squeezed orange juice always takes me to Mexico.

Carrot, beet and orange juice and a nice bowl of food for the compost.

I was thinking about Easter when our kids were younger, and using some of these beautiful vegetables to make our dye for coloring eggs. We used onion skins both brown and red, beets, greens, grape juice and blueberries. The colors  are awesome. I hope you give it a go. It’s a lot of fun!

This looks like a fun link!

The perfect opportunity to teach your children about vegetables, gardening, how to plant, nurture, harvest and cook. And most of all to give them an understanding of where this food comes from that we find in a grocery store.

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