Torrey Pines

I was so excited to be able to visit Torrey Pines. I was there the last time that I visited Hannah and  Greg along with Carol (Greg’s Mom).  We had such a wonderful time. I’m so happy for the chance to do it again, and this time with my whole family.

Beautiful day for a good climb.

Collecting hearts

Family photo in front of the Holly bush. Oh wait,… Where’s Greg?

Oh, that’s right… A photo shop!

My family does not think that it is cool for me to stop   who ever is there at the moment and ask them to take our picture. I on the other hand find nothing wrong with it, and in fact, enjoy a minute visit along with seeing what kind of picture I’ll get. I would be honored to take your picture!

Another beautiful morning!

I think everyone is ready for lunch.

We went to an awesome vegan restauant. The food was amazing along with very friendly people. We all enjoyed our meal on their beautiful little patio.

I could eat here every day! If I opened a restaurant, this is what it might look like. Everything was just delicious.

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La Jolla Cove

We enjoyed a beautiful day at the cove. The seals and sea lions were so much fun to watch. This is some of the most beautiful shoreline.

Love Birds!

What a beautiful day!

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Happy Birthday Hannah!!

December 20th, Happy Birthday Hannah! We left Milwaukee on a 7:05 am flight to celebrate hannah’s birthday. A wonderful gift to us all.  After a long flight and getting settled, we finally were with Hannah and Greg. It was sooooo nice to see them! Hannah’s birthday dinner choice was Thai food. (surprise)! We went to one of their favorite restaurants, Star Anise. The food and service was wonderful!

Happy 23rd Birthday!

Having a silly time.

So beautiful.

My beautiful family.


I think Emily is really enjoying her meal.

Where’s Emily?

After dinner we went to Hannah and Greg’s home for cupcakes a little visit and we were ready for bed. It was a wonderful celebration and so nice to be able to share with our whole family. Blessings! I’m so happy to have this wonderful family that I love so much.

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Our First Christmas Away From Home

Since we were going to spend Christmas in San Diego with Hannah, Greg and Emily, decorating our home was a little different.

Instead of putting up a big tree we decorated our Norfolk pine tree.

A few of our favorite ornaments, along with white lights and tinsel. Perfect!

We like the lights so much we just might keep them around for a while.

Hannah’s first Christmas.

Emily’s first Christmas.

Our first family ornament.

You hold my heart. We found this one in Mexico. hand made of tin.

This beauty was made by the same man.

Hannah and Emily’s beautiful stockings, made by Aunt Kathy.

I love having some lights in our kitchen. Since it is the room where we spend most of our time and during the season that we have very little sunshine. It cheers me up.

I had this little artificial tree but didn’t care for the stand, so I removed the stand and sunk the tree into a terra cotta pot filled with dirt. When I went to the garden center to pick up the poinsettias, there was a pile of evergreen branches that had been trimmed from trees that had been purchased. I was told that I could help myself. How fun is that!

I have to say that keeping this season simple has really been fun. I like it! I think that whether we will be home for the holidays or traveling, this  works for us.

I will say that the only thing I kinda missed was unwrapping all of the ornaments that hold years of memories. But we’re all about making new memories too!

The cookies are made, the gifts are wrapped and we are ready to go to San Diego. First to celebrate Hannah’s Birthday and then Christmas!!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Sweet Potatoes!

Our Thanksgiving day was simply wonderful. The day was very different for us not having Hannah, Greg, and Emily at home. We shared with what family we did have and are very thankful for all of them.

This year,  Steve put our turkey into a brine. It was a lot of fun preparing days before the meal would be shared.

The turkey was filled with vegetables, oranges and fresh parsley, sage, rosemary and tyme. It looked beautiful and the meat just fell off of the bones. Steve was thrilled with the results. And… so was everyone else. Milo sure positioned himself well, hoping something would fall.

This is a favorite stuffing for my family, since it was my mom’s recipe. Carrot, celery, onions and apples. Awesome!

Mashed potatoes with fresh garlic and freshly grated nutmeg, lots of butter, salt and pepper. Here comes the gravy!

Just beautiful!

Green bean casserole. Everyones favorite!

Kale salad; I was able to pick the kale the morning of Thanksgiving. I just love when that happens.

cranberry relish,

sweet potatoes,

White meat or dark?

We also had an amazing selection of rolls and desserts provided by Aunt Amy and Uncle Tony. Aunt Eddie and Uncle Steve made their awesome Artichoke Dip, that was gone before I even got to take a picture. Trust me, it was wonderful!

After dinner and the foot ball game was over, Steve made one of the biggest fires we’ve ever had, out in the back yard. It was enjoyed by all.

Clason giving Eddy a head massage?!


Still Enjoying!

Sisters! Steph and Anna

Acting crazy!

Wild Child!

Coffaro Family

Beautiful Girls winding it down. Well at least one of them is.

Love birds in my kitchen.

I think someone is a little glowy.

Nothing like having your own bottle.

So as you can see it was a wonderful day. Filled with great food and good people.

Steve and I  have seen these turkeys almost every morning in November. They pretty much hang out at a home on Beach road. We even witnessed them flying in one morning, coming in like small helicopters. Our count every morning was 15 turkeys. I was  thinking that I should remind them that Thanksgiving is coming, and they should really think about that. The week of Thanksgiving they were gone; nowhere to be seen. The day after Thanksgiving, they were back! I guess they really didn’t need me to tell them anything.

We hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with blessings.

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Ian & Jessica’s Wonderful Wedding Weekend!

We were so happy to be able to watch this being flown in. Great timing!

Literally…LOVE is in the air!

We were in Florida for Ian and Jessicas wedding. And a beautiful wedding it was.

Mr. and Mrs. Garlic !!

Beautiful Wedding, decorated with family, friends, great food and wine. So much love celebrated under a full moon!

Missy and Addison enjoying some sunshine.

Beautiful girls!!

It was so nice to have some time with all of the kids. Generation after generation.

Parker! Where is your mom?

There she is!!!

Uncle Tony and Addison enjoying the moment.

Andrew having a good time with his cousins, Steph and Anna.

Pinkster and April enjoying a cigarette after their long bike ride.


More Sisters!

With all that was going on in one weekend, Im happy to say that we were still able to squeeze in a few hours at Cocoa Beach.

Steve sporting his new Middle Eastern look.

After enjoying the beach, we went to Fishlips for oysters. What a wonderful treat. Great food, very pleasant people along with beautiful scenery. Awesome day!

Another Bonus!

We had booked a mid-size car. When we arrived they were out of mid-size, so they upgraded us to an Infiniti G37. Steve wanted a G6 so we could “fly like a G6, like a G6.” Which we did anyway. He said “This car is a hot little number, just like my girl.”


To all of our family, thanks for a great time! It was so good to see all of you. Time just goes too fast. Love you all!

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Home Made Sauerkraut

What better way to celebrate Emily in Germany, then with a dark beer and making sauerkraut.

We’re very thankful to the Musiak family for gifting us all of their supplies.

Five pounds of shredded cabbage.

Put cabbage into crock with three tablespoons of kosher salt.

Putting pressure on cabbage until you can see some liquid.

More pressure

We have some liquid!

There you have it. So now it is in the basement with a large plastic garbage bag filled with a couple of gallons of water to seal and let the magic of fermentation begin. Our first tasting will be in six weeks. Can’t wait to try it and let you know how it tastes and how the basement smells. All in time to take some to San Diego to celebrate Hannah’s Birthday and Christmas! My whole family will be together!!!

Ein, Zwei, Drei!

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Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween has always been so much fun for our family. From deciding what costume Hannah and Emily would wear, carving our pumpkins, leading up to the big day. TRICK OR TREAT!! Emily and Hannah would join cousins and friends, and we were off! Hours of running through the neighborhood in hopes of filling their bags. They would all come home and sort their candy, and then begin the trading. Steve and I just watched and looked forward to them falling asleep so that we could enjoy some of that fine chocolate. So much fun! So many wonderful memories!

This Halloween is very different without Hannah, Greg, and Emily. But, Steve and I still decided to carry on one of our favorite traditions, carving pumpkins!! Steve has always had a real knack for this. I typically have pretty much the same every year. So, we poured the hot apple cider and got busy.

I always enjoy watching to see what Steve will create. Just Beautiful!

So, are you ready to see my creation?? :)

Pretty scary huh! LOL

Life changes, kids grow up and go their own way. Keeping traditions and continuing to have fun with them, keeps us close…at least at heart. Hannah, Greg and Emily, you were missed.




Guess who?

I hope you all have a fun filled Halloween. Boooo!

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Currants and Raspberries

We’re sitting in our kitchen wearing sweat shirts and smart wool socks. Should we turn on the heat? No…, it’s going to warm up again. I remember warm.  It was so hot the days that the raspberries and currants had to be picked. I think that with the heat index it was around 105 degrees. Yuck! I think I like this sweat shirt and socks weather, at least for today.

This year we made our usual currant and raspberry jam and currant juice. We decided to pass on the currant wine since we still have some from last year.

This was a great find.  Steve and I bought this at an estate sale. I learned from my neighbor Marna that it is called a Foley. A wonderful tool that we use to juice the currants.

Ready to make some jam.

After sterilizing the jars and caps, I followed a simple recipe for freezer jam. We have enough to enjoy through the winter and even to share with family and friends.

So, I told you earlier that we decided to not make the wine this year. Instead Stephen made a wonderful raspberry and current sorbet.

1 cup of water

1 cup of granulated sugar

1 cup red currant juice

1 cup crushed raspberries

2 tablespoons of orange juice

2 teaspoons of lime juice

In a small sauce pan, bring water and sugar to a boil. Lower heat and simmer until sugar has dissolved, a minute or two.

remove from heat and allow to cool completely.

Combine currant juice, crushed raspberries, orange juice, and lime juice. Add the cooled syrup. freeze several hours.

Thaw a bit and scrape with a spoon or ice cream scoop. Enjoy!

I hope that you will give this a go. It is such a special treat!

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Farmers Market, Massage, and Octoberfest OH MY!!!

Happy Monday!

Early morning started at the farmers market. We had so much fun! What a wonderful way to grocery shop for the week. Now that Hannah and Greg have us juicing again, this was the perfect place.

So, that’s what we’ll be eating and drinking this week!

What a beauty!

We came home and put away all of our treasures, and were on our way to Elements for a massage.

Rested and renewed, we met up with Sandy and Mike to enjoy Octoberfest!!!

Ein, zwei, drei ! Good times!!

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