Raising Worms ~ Vermicomposting

There have been several times that I have thought about giving vermicomposting a go and just never took the time to make it happen. So…  I’m so excited to tell you that we finally have a worm farm!  This is so amazing! We started with two beds and just recently added our third.

The beauty of  this is that we feed them all of our kitchen scraps. From lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, coffee grounds, egg shells, everything except for citris and onions. It’s like an indoor compost. Something to think about for winter composting. We keep them in the basement which is great since it’s dark and cool. Perfect!

The reason we are doing this is that worm castings are the most incredible, natural fertilizer. Worm poop… worm manure?  I can’t believe how much the worms eat and how beautiful the castings are. It is very expensive if you want to go and buy worm castings. So why not make your own worm farm and put less garbage in our landfills? Makes sense, right?

After our first six weeks of feeding it was time to harvest our first castings which filled three flats… I have some pictures to share!

Steve is taking all of the worms out so that we can put the castings through a screen. After the castings have gone through the screen we have a flat of black gold!

I packaged all of the castings and now it’s time to make some worm tea.

I filled a five gallon bucket with water that I let sit for 24 hours so we would have water without chlorine. I than placed about 5 cups of castings into a cheese cloth and clamped it onto the side of the bucket. Added two tablespoons of unsulphured black molasses which feeds the micro-organisms, placed tubes from a fish tank air pump and let it steep for 48 hours. You now have some of the best fertilizer you could ever hope to have in your garden. I watered my plants with the first batch on Sunday and when I went out to the garden on Monday I could tell a difference. You might think that’s crazy but trust me, my plants were smiling!


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