Beautiful Spring Day With Enough Chill In The Air For A Bowl Of Chili

This is such a wonderful time of year with everything coming to life.

Spectacular Flowering Crab tree…

…so beautiful!

A rainbow of tulips. Have you ever smelled a tulip? Some have an incredible sweet fragrance.

A glorious bouquet of daffodils, one of our first colorful signs of spring!

Sweet scent of lilacs fills the air. How I look forward to this each year!

Creeping Phlox

A burst of beauty.

I love the way this ground cover is making it’s way up the trunk of this tree.

Sunshine on our walk this morning.

Stephen enjoying the beautiful morning. As you can see we are still in winter jackets. We are just so thankful for the sunshine. The cool temps makes a bowl of chili… oh so good.

Vegetarian chili with avocado and cheese. Now all we need is a fire!

Happy Spring!

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