Juicing… a Wonderful Breakfast with an Easter Memory

As I was putting all of these vegetables and fruit through the juicer,

enjoying all of the beautiful colors, flavors and memories,

fresh squeezed orange juice always takes me to Mexico.

Carrot, beet and orange juice and a nice bowl of food for the compost.

I was thinking about Easter when our kids were younger, and using some of these beautiful vegetables to make our dye for coloring eggs. We used onion skins both brown and red, beets, greens, grape juice and blueberries. The colors  are awesome. I hope you give it a go. It’s a lot of fun!

This looks like a fun link!


The perfect opportunity to teach your children about vegetables, gardening, how to plant, nurture, harvest and cook. And most of all to give them an understanding of where this food comes from that we find in a grocery store.

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One Response to Juicing… a Wonderful Breakfast with an Easter Memory

  1. Sandy says:

    Looking at all of your wonderful pictures of delicious food that you make, I’m just wondering when you will be making a cookbook. Maybe you and Hannah could write one together, a nice mother/daughter project. Glad the kraut turned out great. Can’t wait to try it.

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