Good Times In Milwaukee With Hannah

Hannah arrived on the evening of April 2nd. Our first stop was… but of course, Ee-Sane for dinner!

Curried Squash…

Volano Tofu…

Basil Noodles (the best we have had!)…

Vegetable Stir Fry…

and Fresh Spring Rolls with lots of excellent peanut sauce!

As usual, everything was amazing!

We also did the tour at Sprecher Brewery. It is always a good time!

Hannah is officially legal. She traded in her soda cup for a glass of beer. (love the extended pinkie!   Soooo posh!)

I think she likes it!



Emily and Hannah enjoying the moment.

My beautiful family.

This is some of the best beer and soda you could hope to find.

Thanks Sprecher! Our time was enjoyed by all!

Our next adventure was at the Public Market. This is another one of our favorite places. They offer an incredible selection of cheese, wine, seafood and more. There are several different food venders,  and something for everyone.

We also have some pretty special friends that work there. Chris worked with Hannah and me at Penzey’s. He now is employed at Thief Wine. I promise he will serve you the perfect glass of wine.

So happy Jim and Carol were able to join us.

Little love birds!

Coffee and a sweet with the Coffaro girls. Always a pleasure.

Steve said how beautiful it was to have a morning with all his girls. Very special.

My two beauties!

Early morning walk to Beach Road.


Staying home with some (very heavy) NY style pizza… delivered!

You better be really hungry when this one arrives. So good!

Pizza and some games makes for a perfect night.

Delia waiting for something to fall so she can eat.

Milo catching up on his rest.

Good times at Comet Cafe.

Great food…

French toast with fruit…

Comet cafe makes some great french toast.

Emily = pie…  This peach raspberry pie was incredible!

As you can see, we had a very nice time together. Thanks for visiting Hannah!

Hope you come again soon! XO

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