Winding up our Christmas Holiday

This has been a wonderful holiday. Our family has gone through major transition the last five months. Hannah and Greg moved to san Diego, Emily left for Italy to study, Steve changed jobs and I quit my job. Wow! We’re all about getting it done! That was lot of change going on all at once! And that made this time together even more special .  Christmas time – but more that –  after such big changes, we were back together again. Truly a wonderful celebration! It was so much fun, but all good things must come to an end.  We made the best of our last day, but there was a cloud of melancholy. We all knew that it was time… to say goodbye.

We walked the campus grounds and came upon this rhododendron shrub that was so beautiful.

Greg, what are you thinking so deeply about?

Campus gardens and child’s play.

Orange trees in their backyard.

We enjoyed a beautiful brunch.

So good!

Frozen yogurt at Tutti-Frutti with a few special toppings.

And now it’s time to say goodbye. This is the hard part but I think it was a little easier knowing that Emily was going to stay on and hang with Greg and Hannah for a while. I like that gradual change. So happy to have been blessed with this time together.

Airport sunset.


Beautiful California sky.

Until we meet again. Thanks so much for a beautiful holiday filled with love, laughter, and wonderful memories. We have awesome kids! Love you all!

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