Hannah’s Bridal Shower~

What a beautiful day! Sunshine, Great food along with wonderful friends and family.

The menu was all vegan. I think that we all were pleasantly surprised.

Spring rolls with peanut sauce.

Veggie roll ups. Spinach tortillas with roasted red pepper hummus or white tortillas with a Turkish hummus. Rolled with lots of veggies! Soo Good :)

Pasta salad with Greek seasoning topped with your choice of feta cheese kalamata olives or both.

EdamameĀ  pate served on a whole grain bread topped with arugula, roasted red pepper, cucumber, sliced cherry tomato and a kalamata olive. What a treat.

Garden salad tossed with a lemon dressing

veggie platter served with a spinach dip and a tahini dip Created by Carol, Hannah’s future mother- in- love.

Strawberries, pineapple and melon were perfect.

The vegan cake was chocolate with a fantastic frosting.

After enjoying a wonderful meal we watched Hannah open her gifts. It’s amazing! So many beautiful gifts! So generous!

We all enjoyed the cake along with wonderful conversation.

A Beautiful Day!

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2 Responses to Hannah’s Bridal Shower~

  1. Lisa says:

    I am so sorry I couldn’t come to the shower! Thank you for posting these wonderful photos.

    How did I not know you have this blog! It’s terrific. :D

  2. Grandma "B" says:

    M-M-M. . . .made my mouth water!

    What beautiful women the VOSS Women are!

    Happy Live Hannah XOXO. . . .”us” in NM

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